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The Yanartas: The Flames that Never Stop Burning!

We waited patiently all day. As soon as it started getting dark, a group of us grabbed our flashlights and began ascending the rocky mountain. We were in southwestern Turkey, near a town called Cirali, about to witness a phenomenal natural wonder, the Chimera Flames. In Turkish these fires, which have been burning for thousands of years, are called Yanartas.


The Yanartas, never stop burning! These flames are said to be fueled by methane gas, which is released from the vents on the rocky mountain.


There are about a dozen of these extraordinary eternal flames burning constantly. It is best to see the Yanartas at night when it is possible to observe the blue flames.

We spent a few hours, relaxing and chatting with our friends around the fires. It was yet again another memorable experience!

Video: We poured water on the flames, just to see what would happen! Watch the video and experience the magic of the Yanartas for yourself!

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