My name is

Rajnesh Sharma

and I love to share stories ...

I have always had a strong desire for storytelling and travelling. Moving to Korea and eventually visiting 50 countries over the past decade has allowed me to discover the creative filmmaker in me. I absolutely enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. I have produced videos about interesting places, people and customs.

However, I am most interested in stories that reveal how a culture may affect an individual psychologically. What are the psychological impacts on a 14 year old Korean girl, who grows up in a society where plastic surgery is encouraged? What does it do to the mind of a human being, who has been shunned by his entire tribe for life? What does it feel like to travel the world in a wheelchair? It is the curiosity to answer such questions that has led me to film some of my greatest documentaries and interviews so far.

I enjoy being a filmmaker, producer, storyteller, writer, and much more, simply so I can share such incredible stories with the rest of the world. These stories not only allow us to discover the world through a different set of eyes, but more importantly, to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.