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    Elephant Bathing in Laos!

    Riding an elephant is fun. But, what’s better is riding an elephant into a river! This adventure was one of my highlights in Laos. It was just incredibly fun! At first, it was a huge physical challenge for me to get on the elephant. Watch the video below and you will see. Then, to ride an elephant without really holding on to anything secure was also another challenge. But, it was an exciting challenge! Eventually, I managed to sit on the elephant. My guide taught me an instruction to yell at the elephant so he would move forward. Of course, the elephant never listened to me no matter how loud…

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    The Gorgeous Kuang Si Falls of Laos

    After a long and hot day of trekking in the jungles around Luang Prabang, Laos, our guide took us to the gorgeous Kuang Si Falls. This 3 tier waterfall and its surroundings were so incredibly enchanting that I felt I was in paradise. It was beautiful how the white water cascaded down from the shallow pools high above and gathered in the numerous turquoise blue pools. The natural rocks and trees amid the waterfall also added to its beauty. As I stepped into one of the pools, I was surprised by the water’s temperature. It was very cold. Despite it being a very hot day, I was only able to…