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Incredible Sand Sculptures at Fulong Beach, Taiwan

Every year since 2008, the Fulong Sand Sculpture Art Festival has been held at Fulong beach in Taiwan. According to the World Sand Sculpting Association, this 3km stretch of golden sand has highly adhesive qualities, which make it the best beach in Taiwan for sand sculpting.

In Canada, I had seen a handful of ice sculptures before. However, this was the first time I had visited an exhibition of sand sculptures. I had always been impressed by the ice sculptures I had seen back in Canada, but upon seeing the sand sculptures I was overly impressed. The details and creativity of each display were incredible. I couldn’t believe the artists had succeeded in creating such beautifully stunning sculptures out of sand!

It was a delight to spend the afternoon strolling along the beach and simply admiring all the fantastic sand sculptures. Below, I have photos of some of my favorite sand sculptures. I would highly recommend this festival if you happen to be in Taiwan during May/June.



IMG_1896 (2)


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