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Climbing an Active Volcano: Mount Bromo, Indonesia


Everyone in our tour group got up super early to see the sunrise at Indonesia’s famous Mount Bromo. However, we decided we wanted to avoid the crowds, and have this active volcano for ourselves. So around early morning, we leisurely found our way to this natural wonder. Upon reaching the site, I remember thinking, “Wow this is beautiful!”

This was the first time ever that we had stepped foot and climbed an active volcano. When we reached the top we could see the sulfur gas bubbling and escaping from the interior of the crater. The smell was extremely strong and not very pleasant. But we managed to escape from the smell, found a decent place to rest and admire the landscape from the top of the volcano. It was another great and adventurous experience!



These last two photos show the view of the surrounding landscape from the top of Mount Bromo.

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